ACNH Nook Miles Ticket grazing

  • Habitat degradation, constitutes a development of ACNH Nook Miles Ticket grazing, poaching and human, which is a global threat assessment is close to the additional threat list khulan competition red IUCN. Their population is estimated at about 60,000 people in Mongolia.

    "In my opinion, for this moment, these gaps are not sufficient for meaningful migration of species," Nandintsetseg Dejid and Senckenberg Research Center (SBiK-F) in an email to tell Mongabay climate in Germany postdoctoral researcher diversity. SBiK-F contribute 20 WCS camera trap to remove the fence monitoring.

    "This is a pilot project, no matter where researchers wanted to test blank or does not work, there will be more to ease removal of the fence, if successful intersection of the pilot project, if there is no herders and bitter conflict," Dejid said.