Wish For 2K21 MyLEAGUE

  • Rather than matchmaking by overall that leads to a variety of"entire cheese", create leagues or tiers depending on the jewel color of the highest complete card on your lineup and rewards to signify that grade or league. You are able to play in the league or tier over your gem but can't play under. They would not have the ability to play with a lineup consisting solely of Ruby and Sapphire players.

    The current system rewards gamers for artificially lowering their rank to play against teams with tiered cards. I think that a system which permits players to intentionally play against entire lineups but not allow attempts to play against worse lineups is a much better consumer experience for everyone. I like this idea but I think there would need to be a mode without this kind of matchmaking.

    There's a bunch of players who could be new to the mode or only have trash teams, but managed to receive a lucky pull. Imagine being a participant with a single opal (which you have luck and hauled in a single pack) and 9 ruby cards, but having to go up against a god squad full of opals and PDs. It'd be unjust. It'd be ideal, if this was different from a mode that perhaps does a version of the group matchmaking we have now.

    Rather than career admissions series do team spotlight collection. So rather than going through one players play and career rivals or their teammates. You play through the specific teams touch minutes. You play throughout the 6 championships with jordan and then you play the drose era too. Also I think instead of triple hazard online do draft style. Where you select a random 10 man roster in 10 rounds. You play 10 games and then take the ten man roster. Each sport you win you get a ball drop and if you go 10 and 0 you get a chance to acquire a distinctive triple threat player which chnages every couple of weeks.

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