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  • This is more of a reflection of frustration with EA as I believe the theme team entity that is whole, is sneaky. They've endorsed making them in live streams and their GMM. I'm not attacking anybody who enjoys it, the idea is actually cool: reward those who put together a team of their favorite players, so I'm just frustrated with the execution of this premise done by EA. 1 last thing: If you're going say motif teams are balanced since one place isn't good, you can achieve 50/50 with some none TT players, and even if, an 87 o lineup men, is a small price to pay for having the mad stats boosts defense. (That was an exaggeration to generate an illustration ).

    Physical chems and subject teams have done the opposite of what EA intended. They thought it would bring creativity but it has made every card the same. Creativity is still lacking in an astounding way. This is a great thing which strengthens the argument against theme teams.I'm running a Seahawks theme in every Madden I played so far and it is difficult to say that TT destroyed the game because ea subjected it to get more money for less effort. You and I agree but take away the team chem x2/x3 cards and it more balanced. You require needs fill. Simply take the Seahawks as instance the whole Online Is almost garbage.

    Now every participant has to have crazy stats and speed, because we can not be okay with a slow receiver with good route running, you have to earn a theme team like everyone else, and at the point it's just regs. I would rather have every card be able to be chemed around the same have every one use the players. Its weird how Ultimate Team has morphed from this trendy concept of"create your own team"....with distinct awards, stadiums, playbooks, players and coaches. To"play with Ultimate Team with the very same players from precisely the same group to get speed boosts!"

    I mean I think back etc once we had those cool alternate uniforms.. We have a few added stadiums. EA really had the attention. Like an RPG game. And we have seen less and less of more attention towards spending money on chemistry and currencies and that. Instead of customizing your team now, its about customizing +1 stats onto your players that dont fucking matter worth a shit due to the god awful programmed animations which are rampant in gameplay.

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