Matters Needing Attention In The Production Of Disposable Woode


    The disposable wooden tableware is made of log materials. Compared with plastic tableware, wooden tableware has few problems in the process of use, without a series of problems such as cracking and bending, and it is more environmentally friendly. Wooden tableware is also very convenient to use, and can be recycled after use, which is a recyclable product and plays a certain role in environmental protection.

    (1) closed work shed must be built for production line processing, so as to reduce environmental pollution caused by noise and dust. corresponding fire-fighting equipment should be set up near the wooden shed to prevent fire.

    (2) For raw materials such as wood, it is necessary to concentrate on processing and blanking, and make rational use, so as to ensure that long materials are not short, excellent materials are not inferior, and the materials used should be purchased according to the construction schedule.

    (3) When processing the production line, dust reduction measures should be taken. Sawdust and shavings generated during operation should be cleaned and transported to designated places in time to keep the working face clean and reduce fire hazards. Reusable wood should be disposed of in classification code after treatment, which can be used reasonably and save resources.

    (4) Finished and semi-finished products of processed disposable wooden tableware shall be put into storage in time and properly kept, with waterproof and moisture-proof measures to prevent material deformation and waste of resources, and acquisition procedures shall be established to reduce consumption and ensure the realization of material plan objectives.

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