Benefits And Preservation Methods Of Single Wall Paper Cup


    Benefits of a Single wall paper cup:

    1. Improve and enhance the image of products and enterprises, improve the visibility of enterprises and products, disseminate commodity information and promote commodity sales.

    2. Improve the public relations of enterprises and enhance the brand value of enterprises.

    3. Disseminate information and feedback information through advertisements to provide information basis for enterprise management decision-making.

    4. Create a good corporate image through disposable paper cup advertisements to attract outstanding talents for enterprises; Guide consumers to make normal and healthy consumption.

    Preservation method of single wall paper cup:

    1. Disposable paper cups must be packed and not scattered outside, which will turn yellow and get damp.

    2. The mouth of each bag of paper cups should be tight, and air leakage should not be scattered, which will make double-layer paper cups turn yellow.

    3. The paper cups should be placed in a dry place to prevent damp, and the cartons should be glued well, without tape.

    4. The best advertising paper cups are generally kept for 1-2 years (if they are packaged), otherwise they are generally kept for half a year.

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