What Are The Production Processes of A Single Wall Paper Cup


    For paper cup manufacturers, the printing of Single wall paper cup is not as simple as printing album flyers. The production process of single wall paper cup includes direct printing of paper cup base paper, die cutting, processing and molding, and spraying food wax on the surface. The manufacturing process of hot drink cup is to make paper cup paper from paper cup base paper by spraying PE film, printing, die cutting and processing. This is a problem that paper cup manufacturers must confirm with customers before printing.

    Secondly, after receiving the order, the paper cup manufacturer must also check the quality of single wall paper cup base paper, which is directly related to the reputation of the paper cup manufacturer and the durability and quality of the paper cup. Generally, the main component of paper cup base paper is plant fiber. According to the processing performance and service performance of paper cup, paper cup base paper must have the following characteristics. The paper surface is delicate. When printing paper cups, it is required to control the roughness value of the printing surface of base paper or the surface to be printed after coating PE to meet the printing requirements of paper cups.

    Finally, the safety is high. The single wall paper cup is a food packaging material, which is in direct contact with the population and must meet the hygiene standards. The paper cup base paper and paper cup paper should be regularly sent to the local national health and epidemic prevention system for hygiene safety inspection to ensure the safety of users. Also, paper cup manufacturers must pay attention to the water resistance of paper cups, and require the printed paper cups to be free of water seepage and water leakage. For aesthetic reasons, paper cup manufacturers should also pay attention to the whiteness of paper cups. Under the premise of not using fluorescent agents, the base paper should have a considerable whiteness to ensure the clarity and vividness of printed patterns.

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