Classification Of Double Wall Paper Cup

  • To facilitate people's lives, all kinds of things were invented by our clever humans. Paper cups are a product of convenience invented in this era. In the past, it was only for convenience, and now it is still required to be healthy and environmentally friendly, because most of the themes of materials now are safety, green, recyclable, health, etc. Under such a major premise, the Double wall paper cup was produced.

    Since ancient times, the main function of the cup is to drink alcohol or tea, and it is generally not large. Whether it is in Yangshao Culture, Longshan Culture, or Hemudu Culture Sites, there are pottery cups. In this period, the cups are the most peculiar and diverse: cups with ears have single or double ears, and those with feet are mostly tapered Three-legged cups, goblet cups, high-handled cups, etc., can be divided into glass cups, plastic cups, ceramic cups, wooden cups, etc. according to different materials. According to the structure and process classification, it can be divided into single-layer cups, double-layer cups, vacuum cups, nano cups, energy cups, ecological cups, glass cups, plastic cups, thermos cups, mugs, beer cups, coffee cups, etc.

    Paper cups can be classified into many categories in terms of material and appearance, and in addition to double wall paper cups, Single wall paper cup is also very convenient and environmentally friendly.