Single Wall Paper Cup Ceramic Cup

  • We use water cups most often on weekdays, but there are many types of cups, such as Single wall paper cup , double wall paper cups, etc. For cups, we can choose too many, today we are going to introduce ceramic cups.

    The colorful ceramic water cups are very flattering, but there are huge hidden dangers in those bright paints. The inner wall of a low-cost colorful ceramic cup is usually coated with a layer of glaze. When the glazed cup is filled with boiling water or a beverage with high acidity and alkalinity, some aluminum and other heavy metal toxic elements in the glaze are easy to precipitate and dissolve into the liquid. At this time, when people drink liquids with chemical substances, the human body will be harmed. It is best to use ceramic cups with natural colors. If you can’t resist the temptation of colors, reach out and touch the color surface. If the surface is smooth, it means underglaze or underglaze, which is relatively safe; if it is uneven, use your nails If there is still falling off, it means that it is overglaze, so it is best not to buy it.

    The ceramic cup is a kind of cup, Double wall paper cup is also a kind of cup, but a double wall paper cup is more convenient to carry than a ceramic cup, and a ceramic cup is more practical than a double wall paper cup.