Health Performance Of Disposable Wooden Tableware

  • For the sake of convenience, save time or reluctant to go out. We often choose take-out or take-out, such as disposable wooden tableware , which is very convenient to carry. Later, more and more people used it, and manufacturers paid more and more attention to environmental protection.

    Like bamboo and wood tableware, it is easy to obtain materials and has no toxic effects of chemical substances, but their weakness is that they are more likely to be polluted and moldy than other tableware, but they should be kept dry, otherwise they are easy to mold, especially in the south, especially in the rainy and humid season It should be noted that it should be placed in a ventilated place after washing. Painted bamboo and wood tableware are harmful to the human body. As traditional high-end tableware in my country, mahogany wooden tableware has beautiful and smooth lines and clear and beautiful wood grain. It must be rinsed several times with distilled water to avoid the influence of the acid, alkali, and other ingredients of the detergent itself on the mahogany tableware.

    In general, the health performance of wooden tableware will be better than the safety and environmental performance of ordinary nanny tableware, plastic tableware, etc. The disposable paper bowl is quite good.