About Beverage Packaging Factory Glass

  • The rapid development of the beverage industry has also driven the development of the surrounding industries of beverage packaging factory . Nowadays, all kinds of interactive and creative packaging on the market are constantly emerging because of the popularity of new materials, such as packaging for sports drinks and hand-made beverages for street milk tea, which are not only portable and drinkable but also novel and interesting.

    Glass packaging materials, like cartons, have a long history in the beverage packaging industry and are one of the main materials in the beverage packaging industry. Compared with packaging materials such as plastic, paper, metal, etc., the advantages and disadvantages of glass packaging are very obvious: the chemical properties of glass are the most stable, and there is almost no pollution to the food in the package. It is currently the safest packaging material. However, glass products have few resources, high energy consumption, difficulty to manufacture, high brittleness, easy damage, and high cost. At present, glass packaging has a smaller production capacity than plastic and composite packaging in the beverage packaging industry. It is generally used for various flavors and canned fruit packaging. Except for a small number of high-end beverages, it has rarely been seen in beverage packaging.

    In addition to glass, plastic or paper cups are the most commonly used for beverage packaging, and many custom printed paper cups can also play a role in publicity.