About The Safety Of Paper Stirrer

  • We can see paper stirrer in many beverage stores and some food stores, and we usually use them to stir drinks.

    Paper stirrer uses paper as raw material, is safe and environmentally friendly, is very healthy and green, in line with the development trend of the society. Compared with plastic and wooden stirring rods, a paper stirrer is better. Because paper stirrer is safer and more environmentally friendly, it will not pollute the environment. With the introduction of environmental protection policies such as the national "plastic limit order", paper products are more competitive in the market. In future development, paper stirrers will become a substitute for plastic and wooden stirrers. There are many styles of paper stirrer, the larger one is usually used with a cocktail glass; the smaller one is for drinkers, and it has a decorative effect. One end of the stick is bulbous and is used to mash the sugar mint in the drink.

    Therefore, the paper stirrer still has many functions, and the Round paper plate is the same. It has many functions, such as drawing, holding things, and so on.