Introduce The Standard Of Single Wall Paper Cup

  • Paper cups are something we often use in our daily lives, but paper cups are also classified, including single wallpaper cups. The Single wall paper cup is actually the ordinary paper cup we use. Now the paper cup has its own set of requirements. Let's take a look at it together.

    The national standard for paper cups (GB/27590-2011) will be formally implemented on June 1. The new national standard basically puts forward requirements higher than industry standards for the raw materials, additives, packaging, and printing of paper cups. For example, there are strict regulations on the printing position of the mouth and the bottom of the paper cup: "The mouth should not be printed within 15 mm from the cup body and the bottom of the cup is 10 mm from the cup body." The ink printed on the outer packaging of the paper cup improves the safety of the paper cup.

    Therefore, the paper cups we use now, including the Double wall paper cup , are better protected, and the safety performance to the practical performance is also greatly improved.