Introduce The Printing Design Of Custom Printed Paper Cups

  • Disposable paper cups are very common in life. They are usually used to fill water and beverages, which is very convenient. You can also use paper cups for advertising, which are custom printed paper cups . So what should we pay attention to when designing paper cup printing?

    It should not be too full, and there must be a certain amount of space. A paper cup that is too full can make people feel very messy, especially in summer, when the mood is easy to be impetuous, if you see such a paper cup, it will not have a good impression but will make the publicity play the opposite effect. So the best way is to vacate a part of the publicity when designing disposable paper cups, leaving a certain space and angle for viewing, to make the publicity effect better and more attractive.

    Paper cup printing and typesetting should be careful

    The advertising design and layout of disposable paper cups should be carefully dealt with. If necessary, the text can be transformed into an outline style, which is not only good-looking but also has a publicity effect.

    Therefore, the beverage packaging factory must pay attention to the above two points when printing and designing paper cups.