Understand The Craft Of Custom Printed Paper Cups

  • Disposable paper cups are very common in daily life. They are usually used to hold water and beverages, which is very convenient. They are also used for advertising in paper cups, that is, custom printed paper cups. So, what are the more common printing processes for custom printed paper cups ?

    Offset printing is a commonly used printing method for disposable paper cups. It uses the principle of repelling ink and water to transfer the image to the blanket and then print it on the surface of the material.

    Offset printing paper cups have strong advantages, with full patterns, bright colors, and very clear. Overall it is very beautiful, but this kind of offset printing is not suitable for edible paper cups.

    Silkscreen printing is more suitable for printing on paper or cloth. Some hard objects, such as glass, ceramics, etc., can also be used. The layout is soft, flexible, and flexible.

    However, printing paper cups with silk-screen printing cannot reflect its advantages well, and it also has great restrictions on the choice of graphics and text.

    Flexo printing is also called green printing. Its cost is relatively low, and it is more flexible when printing.

    Flexo printing has a wide selection of materials, and there is a lot of room for color selection. It is currently the main process of paper cup printing.

    The paper cup printing of beverage packaging factory includes these three processes, each with its characteristics, you can choose according to your needs.