Path of Exile: Delirium Preview: Mirror, Mirror

  • In the short history of the developer Grinding Gear Games, today is undoubtedly the first installment of history. Since its announcement at the first ExileCon conference, developers have been working hard to develop the Path of Exile sequel, hoping to move forward on the timeline and bring players to a whole new part of the PoE timeline. The next thing worth noting is the release of Path of Exile: Delirium.

    As part of one of the storyline introductions, Shacknews has been able to handle many extensions of POE. However, GGG's team deliberately remained silent about Delirium's place in the Path of Exile story. They want players to experience the story themselves on the first day.

    About Delirium in this latest league, players can head to any playable area of ​​Path of Exile and find a weird new object where they will see their own ghost reflection. This is Deli's mirror, and touching it will cause the player to enter the Delirium state for a short time. When stuck in the deli, the surrounding area will be filled with a creepy mist, reflecting the player's greatest fear. New monsters spawn and rush towards the player, while existing monsters in the area become more powerful. Delirium's encounter will start at a lower level, and then the difficulty will gradually increase, and the POE Currency rewards obtained will also become more and more advanced.

    Grinding Gear co-founder Chris Wilson sees Delirium as an extension of one of the team's favorite Path of Exile design philosophy. This involves a compromise between risk and reward and role customization. Wilson hopes that Delirium will provide the biggest risk / reward trade-off factor to date, noting that although the core combat feel of Delirium is similar to that provided in the Breach extension, players can directly control the difficulty encountered by Delirium. Delirium's difficulty levels may vary, as found in the Delve and Metamorph alliances. Wilson noted that the deli will encourage players to build stronger characters to not only advance in the story, but also address the deli's encounter.

    These rewards will definitely be worth it. Players can find pickups, currency items, map items and rare armor from the encounter with Delirium. Those who want to enhance Delirium's ultimate boss luck can find it by finding Delirium's Orbs, which will apply the state of Delirium to the entire map. Stacking balls will further increase the difficulty and also improve the quality of the reward. Players will use the Delirium Orb to find another drop called Simulacrum Splinters, which will collectively constitute a mysterious endgame challenge, which Wilson and other members of the team have not yet detailed.

    In terms of character building, the deli rewards will also include new items called "clustered jewels". Although they are all gems, they are still different from POE Orbs. These are placed in the external slots of the player's skill tree, which opens up a new passive skill cluster, which can create more slots. This is by far the most violent addition to the character creation system, and the biggest change in character construction since Path of Exile 2016. Like the other items in the game, if you don't like Cluster Jewel, you are welcome to republish it in hopes that it will be more suitable for your character construction. Some "clustered gems" will fit into existing character prototypes, while others will create entirely new characters. For example, a "clustered gem" contains a special passive weapon called "hollow palm technology" that will open the door to brand new unarmed monk-style combat equipment.

    Another major change brought by Delirium relates to the major leagues in the last expansion. The Metamorphosis League debuted by Atlas Conqueror, allowing players to fundamentally gather their bosses' encounters. The league was so popular that Path of Exile added Transformers to the core game. Players can also seek various improvements to other Atlas content conquerors, including adjusting the generation speed, changing certain recipes, and a better Temple of Atzoatl experience.

    ath of Exile: Delirium is scheduled to be released on PC today. The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game will be expanded next week. Players can Buy POE Currency at IGGM before the start of the new season so that it does not appear to be urgent.