Madden 20: New forms of play and drama

  • The latest update adds new options for most teams. We provide you with segments. The NFL season may have ended, but that does not mean that EA has stopped supporting Madden 20. It can be seen from the fact that many players are following Madden 20 games and buying MUT Coins.

    Although everyone is now paying attention to the NFL joint game, next season's draft, and of course "Crazy 21", EA has updated the script to better reflect the team's plans throughout the year.

    We know that the famous Jet Chip Wasp game is also available in Madden 20, and the Gun Trey Y-Flex Weak Attack Pack has been added to the Kansas City Chiefs NFL Live Playbook. The San Francisco 49ers have a new I-Form Pro PA TE screen and Singleback Deuce Close PA boot post. Meanwhile, the Singeback Deuce Close PA Slide TE screen has been added to 49ers, Mustang, Bengal, Falcon, Packer, Ram, Seahawk and Titan.

    The Singleback Wing Slot PA Y screen is now in the "Pirate" and "Viking" scripts. Distant offensive formation in the Brown script. The Rift Offensive is now in the bear's script. Pirate, Cardinal, Raven, and Titan scripts have added a "quarter-overload" defensive formation, while Eagles, Jaguars and the Red Book have added a "dime charge" defense formation.

    Finally, the Broncos and Seahawks have a record of 4-3 or even 6-1 defensive formations. At the same time, the problem that caused the zone exchange in 46 Cub Tampa 2 was solved. Due to the limited space, if you want to know more information or Buy MUT Coins, you can choose from GameMs. I think you will get what you want.