How to Climb Out of Broneze in League of Legends

  • League of Legends Season 10 will officially start on January 10 and players are asking themselves the same question: How can I rank up in League Accounts ?

    This guide includes six tips that will help you improve as a League of Legends player once the ranked season starts. It won’t be easy and nothing is guaranteed, so buckle up and get ready for another season of play.

    Know your champ(s)

    So, I play Zyra, and her damage is very frontloaded - followed by some consistent dps if your plants are not focused. In the beginning I just ran into a team fight and unloaded my damage hoping for the best. I still do this many times (I'm silver, mistakes are made, all the time), but I also manage to focus some times and not do it, but rather wait for the enemy team to commit, use their cooldowns and movement skills and then unload my damage. This makes a huge difference.

    I use my seeds to scout, I still get caught out, but not as often, and I'm learning to not hope for the best when I go on warding missions in the enemy jungle, but to actually look at the minimap before I go in.

    Stay safe

    League is a game of least mistakes, let the enemy team do the mistakes first. This means things like:

    over extending (this looks different for different champs)

    over staying

    tunneling on the wrong objective/target

    leaving objectives on the map

    The way you can avoid all this is to:

    check the minimap more

    don't extend beyond your furthest ward unless they are dead or you see them doing something else

    don't greed for one more wave/camp/ward, recall more often

    remember that gold in your pocket is useless, gold well spent is the metric

    Play for objectives

    Really, you win by killing the enemy nexus, everything else is just the way to get there.

    In practice this means:

    win lane (or loose lane gracefully)

    stay in your lane and keep pushing (but not over extending)

    don't roam until all outer turrets are down, and even then very sparingly

    look out for opportunities to take drakes and baron

    starve out the enemy, this means things like:

    take their jungle camps when you can

    defend your turrets even in mid game

    stay alive

    Focus on farming

    Once you pick a role and find the perfect champions for you, it’s time to farm. Farming is one skill that not many Bronze and Iron players learn, but it’s perhaps the most important. Good farm equals gold, and gold turn into more items. There are no shortcuts when it comes to learning how to farm, so prepare yourself to work on it.

    10 minutes into the game, the laners should have at least 100 CS, anything lower than that is suboptimal. The practice tool is available if you want to practice your farming. Take ten minutes to farm so you feel more comfortable in-game.

    Establish vision around the map

    The next step is to improve your vision of the map. Most players forget that they get free wards every couple of minutes. Identify the spots where you need warding according to the role that you are playing and place some wards. Having vision on the map is the best way to avoid enemy ganks and surprise attacks.

    Be a team player

    One thing that gets repeated here, time and time again is "stay with your team" or "It is better to follow a bad call than to split up", this is more important than you think. Think of it like this:

    Will you contribute more in a 5v5 or in a 1v4?

    If your team looses a team fight without you there isn't much you can do anyway, so your chances to win go up if you follow along, and you should be the shot caller anyway so...

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