Raymond Mill Process Production

  • The coarse tailings were removed using a Humphrey spiral concentrator. The coarse concentrate from the heavy separation goes into the Raymond mill process. Three mixing tanks are used before Raymond mill.

    The first mixing tank is added with lignosulfonate (or sodium silicate) to disperse the slime, and then the sodium carbonate is added to adjust the pH of the slurry to about 10; the second blending tank is added with the fatty amine acetate cation collector to make It interacts with the side of the muscovite and adsorbs it; the fat in the third blending tank is added with the amine acetate salt cation collector, so that it absorbs with the muscovite layer, and then the foaming agent is added.

    After a rough selection three times, the barite concentrate is obtained. The barite concentrate has a grade of 98% and a recovery rate of 85%.