Raymond Mill Used In Cement Industry

  • In recent years, the role of raymond mill in cement, grinding and desulfurization has become increasingly prominent. It is noteworthy that in the process of fine crushing, every part of the raymond mill plays a very important role. So when using the mill, if there are problems with the parts inside, it is necessary to repair the mill in time, so as to make the mill work better.

    It is reported that the Raymond mill produced by Zenith Mining Machinery was developed on the basis of raymond mill to further simplify the crushing process for basic industrial raw materials such as limestone, gypsum and raw coal. Compared with the ordinary single-stage raymond mill, the product size is smaller (80%<5mm), and the equipment investment is lower than 35-50% of the traditional process equipment of the same scale.

    Its long-term operation and management cost is less than about 30% of the traditional process equipment system of the same scale. It has the remarkable characteristics of large feed size, small feed size, long hammer life, large production capacity, low power consumption, simple maintenance and low operating costs. It has been widely used in cement, sand and gravel, power and other industries.

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