Categories Of Iron Deposit

  • Iron is a kind of high-grade gem, is a general name of mineral family, common color is red and in fact with many other colors which is enough to cover the entire color spectrum.  Iron is beloved in gemstone industry, it is considered a symbol of faith, constancy and simplicity; and iron is also very good in the industrial field with very wide usage and well-loved. Let’s feel the depth charming of iron ore processing flowsheet.

    Iron has versatile industrial application and can be used as sand-blasting and iron dust removal of steel, hull, bridges and the like; water jet cutting for metal, stone, glass; filter media for chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, water treatment; marble, optical grinding lenses, glassware, leather and other materials; grinding for wheel, whetstone, emery cloth, sandpaper raw materials; wear resistant material for highway pavement, runways, wear-resistant rubber, non-slip paint and other wear-resistant materials; in addition, iron is also widely used in construction industries, high-grade lacquer interior and exterior decoration looks elegant. It is an ideal new non-metallic wear-resistant floor aggregate.