There are two ways to add the Pink Diamond Gordon card to your

  • As we venture into the second half of their NBA season, the MyTeam card selection has been kicked into overdrive. Now might be a 2K MT fantastic time, if you are looking to get in to MyTeam.

    Aaron Gordon deserved to win the 2020 NBA Slam-Dunk Contest, but following an epic duel with the Miami Heat's Derrick Jones Jr., Gordon dropped short again as he did in 2016 when he lost to Zach LaVine. This time, the grading was questionable. Gordon did everything but win such as jumping over the 7'6" Tacko Fall, Chance that the Rapper, and grabbing an amazing pass off the edge of the backboard out of his teammate Markelle Fultz to throw a 360 slam.

    However, it was not sufficient as the judges watched the leap than Jones Jr's final dip one point lower over Fall. 2K was there to reward Gordon for another stellar NBA All-Star Weekend performance. The uber-athletic of the Orlando Magic forward earned a Pink Diamond card to his efforts, along with the winner got a Diamond card. The Gordon card may fit in on any way under the MyTeam umbrella and is impressive.

    Obviously, the card includes forcing dip mark and a 99 standing. Additionally, it has a 93 three-point rating, which will rise to a 98 in the event that you have a Diamond coach card such as Nick Nurse. It has a 92 steal and 94 perimeter protection mark as well. The badge game is strong as well. The newest Gordon card also has 41 badges (26 Hall of Fame and 15 Gold). Every potential badge is so is your Clamps badge, and on Hall-of-Fame. Instantly, this card has grown into one of the most catastrophic in the manner.

    There are two ways to add the Pink Diamond Gordon card to your MyTeam lineup. It is possible to purchase one or box of those packs in hopes of pulling on the Gordon card. The All-Star Flash packs cost 10,500 MyTeam points to acquire a single, or you may use Virtual Currency earned in different areas of the sport, or purchased with real cash. Where the Gordon card is currently going for under 200,000 MT morning, you can go buy 2K21 MT to the Auction House.